The European Hernia Society

Current Conferences

2015/04/25 Category: Conference

1st World Conference on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery

Milan, April 25th - April 29th 2015

2016/06/05 Category: Annual Congress

38th International Congress European Hernia Society

Rotterdam, June 5th - June 8th 2016

2017/05/24 Category: Annual Congress

39th Annual International Congress of the European Hernia Society

Vienna, May 24th - May 27th 2017

Welcome to the European Hernia Society (EHS-GREPA)

The European Hernia Society (EHS-GREPA) a non-profit making international scientific forum that focuses on ABDOMINAL WALL SURGERY. It was founded by a group of French Surgeons in 1979 and was labeled as GREPA (Groupe de Recherche et d’Etudes de la Paroi Abdominale), but in order to adopt a more inclusive and European approach, the name was subsequently changed in 1998 to the European Hernia Society. Today the EHS-GREPA consists of 19 national chapters with more than 1100 members.

The EHS devotes itself to improving patient care by the study of both scientific and clinical related matters in the field of hernia. To this end it holds an ‘Annual Congress’ which facilitates presentations and discussions in new scientific research within hernia surgery. As a society the EHS has developed classifications and guidelines to help define surgical standards and clinical diagnosis, and also coordinates clinical trials. It is supported by "HERNIA" the official journal of the EHS as well as its sister-organization; The American Hernia Society (AHS).


Download Hernia Surge World Guidlines

Download PDF 1. Treatment  Download PDF 2. Aspects   Download PDF 3. Quality  Download PDF 4. Questions Statements & Recommendations  Download PDF Invitation to Consensus Meating

Latest News


Guidelines Consensus Meeting

HerniaSurge World Guidelines for Groin Hernia Management Date: June 7, 2016, Time: 1400-1530, Location: WTC convention centre. Plenary Session The HerniaSurge Group [...]

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39th Annual International Congress European Hernia Society

39th Annual Conference in ViennaLocation: Vienna Start: 2017/05/24 End: 2017/05/27 Chairperson: René H. Fortlelny Website: Email: For more information [...]

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Schedule for the Rotterdam Congress

RotterdamAgenda for Congress from Sunday June 5 through Wednesday June 8

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38th International Congress European Hernia Society

38th International Congress European Hernia SocietyROTTERDAM, the Netherlands will be the host-city of the 38th International Congress of the European Hernia Society (EHS), which will be held from 5th – 8th June 2016 [...]

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The European Hernia Society has a new President

Prof. V. Schumpelick President of the EHSThe EHS now has a new president after the fascinating and devoted surgeon Enrico Mandala, who was the president of the EHS since 2o10, finished his presidency [...]

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The World Journal of Hernia and Abdominal Wall Surgery

The World Journal of Hernia and Abdominal Wall Surgery“Hernia” was founded in 1997 with the purpose of promoting clinical studies and basic research as they apply to groin hernias, internal hernias, the abdominal wall [...]

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