Bylaws of European Hernia Society

Art. 1GREPA was founded on 15 June 1979 at Bobigny. The initial meaning of this acronym was : Groupe de Recherche et d'Etudes de la Paroi Abdominale (Group for Research and Study of the Abdominal Wall). Following the General Assembly held at Cologne (Germany) on June 1998, GREPA assumed the name of the EUROPEAN HERNIA SOCIETY - GREPA. E.H.S is a non profit International Association.

Art. 2The aims of this association are:
1. Study of all the anatomic, physiologic, pathologic and therapeutic problems related to the abdominal wall.
2. The publication of scientific articles dealing with the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the abdominal wall.
3. The possible creation of organisations or sections outside Europe capable of calling records, participating in research studies or providing instruction within the contect defined in paragraphs 1 and 2.
4. The development of interdisciplinary relations.

Art. 3The office of Society is the office of the General Secretary in charge.

Art. 4The founding members are JP Chevrel (Paris), P. Duchene (Paris), J. Escat (Toulouse), PL Fagniez (Paris), J. Hureau (Paris), J. Loygue (Paris), J. Perissat (Bordeaux), D. Rignault (Paris), J. Rives (Reims) and R. Stoppa (Amiens)

Art. 5The association is composed of surgeons, intensive care specialists, anatomists, physiologists or all scientific investigators engaged in the study of the abdominal wall, who shall qualify as titular members.
Art. 61. The society is administered by the Board which consist of a President, a President elect, a Past President, a Secretary General, a Treasurer, a President of Permanent Advisory Committee (National Chapter), an Editor in Chief HERNIA, a Secretary of Education, a Secretary of Scientific Research, a Secretary of web-site, three Members. 
2. The National Representatives (National Delegate) can participate at the board but they dont have the right of vote.
2/A The duties of the President of EHS-GREPA are - to preside over the meetings of the Board and The General Assembly, - to sign the minutes of the meetings of the Board and the General Assemblies, - to represent EHS-GREPA with the Secretary General at official functions.
2/B The President Elect shall replace or substitute for the President when circumstances render it necessary or when it is impossible for the latter to fulfil his functions. In the absence of the President Elect , the Secretary General may replace the President
2/C The duties of the Secretary General are: 
To edit the minutes of the meetings of the Board and the General Assemblies
To sign conjointly with the President the minutes of the meetings of the Board and the General Assemblies 
To sign with the President, or as directed, the nominations and diplomas
To supervise such proceedings and scientific publications as EHS-GREPA may consider appropriate
To authorise such expenditure as may be necessary for the proper functioning and development of the Association 
Perform, if need be, the functions of the Treasurer and sign alone cheques and payment orders
To establish the agenda to be followed at meetings of the Board and the General Assembly
To send the notifications of the General Assemblies
To represent EHS-GREPA together with the President at official meetings. 
2/D The Secretary in charge of Scientific Research proposes and ensures the organisation and promotion of prospective multicentric clinical or experimental research works, or any other form of scientific research dealing with the abdominal wall. 
Participate to prepare the Annual Scientific Program with the President of the Congress.
2/E The Secretary in charge of the Internet Site is responsible of the good working order of the Site and of the coordination with the members of its Scientific Committee. He executes the decisions concerning the Site taken by the Board and presents an annual report.
2/F The functions of the Treasurer shall be:
To update the account books of EHS-GREPA
To produce for inspection the accounts of EHS-GREPA
To sign cheques and payment orders with the President, or with the Secretary General in the event of delegation 
To produce an annual statement of accounts to the Secretary General so that he may scrutinise these in detail with the competent authorities
To report the balance of income and expenditure at the General Assemblies. If need be, the financial report may be made by the Secretary General.
2/G The President of the Permanent Advisory Committee ensures the contact with the National Representatives.
2/H The National Representatives ensure the promotion of EHS-GREPA in their respective countries where they create national chapters of the Association. They maintain the coordination with the Board.