The World Journal of Hernia and Abdominal Wall Surgery

“Hernia” was founded in 1997 with the purpose of promoting clinical studies and basic research as they apply to groin hernias, internal hernias, the abdominal wall (anterior and postero-lateral aspects), the diaphragm and the perineum.

“Hernia” is the official organ of the European Hernia Society (GREPA), established in 1979, and of the American Hernia Society (AHS) established in 1997. These associations have common objectives:

  • the advancement of abdominal wall and hernia surgery in all aspects,
  • the study of anatomical, physiological, pathological and therapeutic issues concerning the abdominal wall and hernias,
  • the creation of associated groups which will promote research and teaching in this field,
  • the development of interdisciplinary relations.

“Hernia” is a journal written by surgeons who have made abdominal wall surgery their special field of interest. 

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