The European Hernia Society

Presidential address

Welcome to our Society

Dear Friend,

It is for me an honor and a real pleasure to give you a very warm welcome in EUROPEAN HERNIA SOCIETY, as President.

The history of the glorious EHS (and my personal one indeed) is very long, rich and full of events, scientific studies, meetings and mainly full of friendships on worldwide and international dimension.

These are the reasons why I can give a complete overview of our beloved society.

EHS, born as GREPA, was initially a small group of outstanding French surgeons and friends, who joined together to talk, argue, discuss and "fight" on the different techniques and strategies in the repair of the abdominal wall hernia.

Following this path, in the years, GREPA, became EHS and has grown substantially including first representatives of all European nations and after creating the different National Chapters.

Step by step, our society has made strong connections with the American Hernia Society, the Asia Pacific Hernia Society, starting contact and cooperation with the Africa Middle East and Australia Socities.

In other words with all the "hernia friends" all over the world, as widely demonstrated during the 1st World Conference on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery, that EHS has hosted.
Scientific trials, classifications, guidelines, hernia school, study group, humanitarian missions and, of course, the
HERNIA journal, are the landmarks of our continuous work in this exciting field.

If I am asked what's the main feeling I have, living daily with EHS, without any doubt the answer could be the real sense of brothership, humanity and friendship, sharing with the most different culture, habits, economical possibility, the common love for this kind of surgery, that is, i would underline, the most frequent in all the world.

For these reasons, dear hernia friend, I strongly suggest you to join, formally becoming a member, our society, starting a more or less long pathway, rich of interest, knowledge and satisfaction 

Our wings are always wide spread in the sky, towards new horizons and shared common targets, and for this that I would give my best wishes with the aim to reach always new results  and success through innovation, respect of our fathers and appreciation of the daily work done everywhere from everybody to improve qol of our patients, in the more then exciting field of hernia surgery.


Prof. Giampiero Campanelli

Director General Surgery - Day Surgery

Istituto Clinico Sant'Ambrogio - Milano

Full Professor of Surgery of Insubria University

President of European Hernia Society

Past President of Italian Society of Day and Ambulatory Surgery

President of Fondazione Day Surgery Onlus