Dear Herniologist, dear EHS Member,

Please feel invited to join EuraHS project. EuraHS is the research platform of the EHS.
The aim of EuraHS is to improve the quality and the quantity of outcome reports in ventral (primary, and incisional), parastomal, inguinal and hiatal hernia surgery as well as open abdomen surgery, abdominal wall closure and for the use of prophylactic meshes.
This online platform is free to use for all member of the EHS, accessible via the EuraHS website

Clicking on the Enter EuraHS bottom, will direct you to the EuraHS platform, where you can find valuable information about hernia surgery and the entry to the EuraHS database.

If you have any questions, please contact the EuraHS Project Manager Iris Kyle-Leinhase, PhD.
mail to: iris.kyle-leinhase(at)